Phantom 3 Professional

Offering aerial footage and stills in HD, HD 4K Ultra and RAW.
The Drone has a ND Filter range from 2 - 400.
3 Axis Gimbal Motion Stabiliser.
Drone Calibated for post production grading (LOG)


Drone crew will only operate within SACAA regulations and national law concerning air space, security and privacy. Our Pilot is in the process of getting a RPL.

Please View a Explanation on the Drone Law here


Sony PMW 200 HD Camera
Sachtler Video 18 Tripod
Wide angle Adapter
Go Pro Hero 3
Phantom 3 Professional Drone (HD & HD 4K ULTRA)
Sony radio mike transmitter
Sony radio mike receiver
Azden radio mike transmitter
Azden radio mike receivers
AKG Rifle Mike
Set Cosmo lights
IS LED light Large

IS LED light Small with 2 batteries
LED Panel light with 1 battery
LED lights
Blond Light
Filmgear LED Light
Lilliput LED Monitor
Rolux RL -U Batteries
Matt Box
Set glass Filters ND grad, Blue grad
Skate board dolly and tracks
Grips, Cables, Stands, accessories, flag

Mike Burts - mobile: +27 83 375 0047